While birth is an entire topic in itself and everyone’s experience is different, I was scheduled for an induction at 39 weeks. The induction went smoothly (prior experience with my own) and I had the baby within 8 hours of being at the hospital. Birth is painful, but the outcome was more than I had imagined filled with beautiful emotions. My husband and the intended parents were in the room during labor, and as we welcomed new life, the three of them were crying full of happiness. It was an amazing experience to feel that is really indescribable. Watching the intended parents hold their baby is the moment you know they’ve been waiting for. At this point you’re so satisfied you gave them what they came here for and start reflecting on the entire journey. I’ve developed a relationship with them for almost two years now and it went so fast, to finally meeting their baby girl who I carried for 9 months. She is beautiful, she was 8 1/2 pounds, and it was bittersweet holding her. The “ending” was the best part for me. The intended parents are so grateful and they wrote me a beautiful card that really put their feelings into perspective. They are the sweetest people and we couldn’t have asked for better intended parents to work with. We will continue to have a relationship going forward, but now it’s time to navigate the postpartum and enjoy the memories created up until this point. 

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