Delivery & Post-Birth!

My OB allowed me to be scheduled to be induced at 39 weeks so that we could appropriately plan for the parents to be here. Labor was pretty intense, but made it to 6cm dilation before I requested an epidural. My husband and the IP’s were in the room the entire time. They started Pitocin at 8:30am and by 12:00pm, baby girl made her arrival. OMG!! It was a beautiful moment!!! It’s something about the end of something that makes you reflect on the entirety of the journey. I was so happy but sad at the same time. I was

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Recovery Period

After birth comes the recovery / postpartum period. I did find this to be more challenging than expected. While the birth was the same as my first (natural with stitches), I feel as though the recovery is longer and dragging to feel 100%. The restrictions also made it a bit of a challenge (no driving, no lifting, no housework etc.) It also felt weird not having a newborn to occupy my time. I’m a person that always needs something to do and sitting around doing nothing left plenty of time to think. I found myself the first few days /

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Eviction Day

While birth is an entire topic in itself and everyone’s experience is different, I was scheduled for an induction at 39 weeks. The induction went smoothly (prior experience with my own) and I had the baby within 8 hours of being at the hospital. Birth is painful, but the outcome was more than I had imagined filled with beautiful emotions. My husband and the intended parents were in the room during labor, and as we welcomed new life, the three of them were crying full of happiness. It was an amazing experience to feel that is really indescribable. Watching the

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